11 Popular Gift Ideas For Flute Players That They Will Love

Sometimes it’s difficult to know just what to get flute players as a gift. You know they love the flute but don’t know how to connect a gift to that.

For this flute player’s ideas gift list, I have chosen a range of gift ideas for the flute player. These range from the simple to the more complex, from the budget to the more expensive! Even if they are not exactly what you want, they should spark an idea you can follow that is right for the recipient.

1. Learn To Play The Flute With Sir James Galway For Beginners And Beyond

This has to be the ultimate gift for any aspiring flute player. For most of us playing or learning with the World’s master flute player is just a distant dream. Although he does also do holiday lessons. This is an online course with James Galway which is very good value for money. Although as you’d expect at $99 per year it’s a tad more expensive than a T-shirt. But a lot more impactful. And not nearly as expensive as you’d expect.

15 comprehensive lessons on how to play the flute

If you are interested you can find out more on this site – first flute.

2. Personalized Printed T-Shirts

Please note that I am an affiliate for Zazzle and will get a small commission if you buy things I recommend from them, this doesn’t cost you any more and it helps my site to conditioned and help future woodwind players in a small way.

No gift list is complete without a T-shirt or 2, a tad cliched maybe but a tried and trusted gift item.

Flute T-Shirt
by nakedzealot

There are lots to choose from like this fun cool cat design. Perfect for those of us who are both cat and flute lovers.

Funny Cat Wearing Sunglasses Playing Flute T-Shirt
by After_Shop

If these designs aren’t to your taste there are many more on Zazzle. You can also put them on caps, pillows, etc.

3. Vintage Sheet Music

If they love older songs or originals you could buy them some vintage sheet music. You can get vintage song sheets on eBay or vintage sheet music and collectibles in places like abe books they have different sites available in many different countries.

4. Mugs For Flute Players

What I like about mugs from places like Zazzle is that you can often customize them to make them personal. They are both fun and practical. (Zazzle affiliate). There are so many different designs to choose from there’s bound to be something you like. If not you can create your own design.

Benny the flute player cat coffee mug
by Lucia_Salemi

5. Tickets To A Flute Concert

You could buy them tickets to a concert with flutes or with flutes as part of the concert to the type of music they love. Prices range from £/$13 upward into the hundreds.

You can find classical flute concert listings on this site.

Find flute events from all over the world.

6. Flute Stays, Courses, Events, and Camps

Events can be one day right up to a whole summer. Prices will vary. These events can be for flutists of all ages and abilities. They can be whole courses or summer camps or a day’s event.

For events in the UK see the British Flute Society.

For events in the USA see the National Flute Association

James Galway also does many events and tours. With some online events.

7. Signed James Galway Gifts

James Galway Irish Flautist Legend Hand-signed Benham Stamp cover.

You can look out for unusual signed gifts like this James Galway Irish flutist legend hand-signed Benham stamp cover. Now that’s a mouthful! I found it on eBay. But be aware you will need to search as this is 2nd hand and won’t always be available.

Signed James Galway Prints

Also on eBay. always be careful though to check authenticity. I got stung once on an Aragorn picture. Had a certificate and everything. Turns out Viggo Mortensen didn’t sign any pictures at the time. I wrote to him personally and got a signed postcard – Hmm, I diverse. But it’s a thought!

Other Signed Items

There are lots of other signed Items, like programs, records, etc, you could try your giftee’s favorite flute player, Emmanuel Pahud or Jasmine Choi perhaps?

8. Membership To Join A Flute Association

You can become a member of associations like the National Flute Association in the US. The NFA is a global community of flutists of all ages including various types of players, teachers amateurs, and students.

They have many members benefits including unlimited access to Grove Music and Naxos Music Library Online. Many discounts and a subscription to the flutists quarterly. They also have competitions and conventions.

9. Flute Jewelry

If you like jewelry you can buy different flute-inspired jewelry like these flute earrings. You can find them on Etsy

There are lots of jewelry ideas from other types of earrings, necklaces, etc a lovely gift to give someone passing a grade or for Christmas, birthdays, or other celebrations. Also, it doesn’t have to be the silver flute there are panpipes and recorders.

  • earrings
  • keyrings
  • necklaces
  • bangle/bracelet charms
  • phone charms
  • nose studs
  • badges

You’ve just got to love Etsy there are so many creative people on there selling things that are just that bit different.

10 A Flute Patreon Membership

For those interested in flute playing you could give them a Patreon membership to a flute group/ tutor like The Flute Practice.

There are many different tutors on Patreon that teach the flute. Sometimes it’s just about the group and the information they share rather than just a course. So they might want to hang out to practice. Teaching you to play in front of people or giving you access to more sheet music.

All this enhances rather than conflicts with any other lessons they may have.

11. Create Your Unique Gifts For Your Flute Player

Not everyone appreciates handmade gifts, however for those that do they are that much more special. If you are a crafter able to make something well then this is a great idea for a gift. Or if you are not you can get someone to do this for you. That way your gift will be truly unique.

Some fun ideas for gifts for flute players from different crafts:

  • A pyrography frame with a flute theme for certificates, awards, or concert covers
  • A resin figure
  • Jewelry with a flute theme
  • A book cover
  • A hand-made teddy bear with a flute or with a flute t-shirt or holding a flute theme cup or rolled-up certificate
  • A mosaic frame for awards, concerts, or certificates
  • Embroidered cleaning cloth.

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