12 Exciting Ways To Learn To Play The Clarinet Successfully Online

Learning clarinet is an asset, and it relieves the mind and improves motor skills. The clarinet is an affordable and versatile instrument ideal for beginners. It is quite a quick process to transition from a novice to a pro with regular practice, the right instrument, and excellent mentorship.

Thanks to online technology platforms to learn the clarinet in the comfort of homes, there are umpteen opportunities to learn from experts at different prices.

If you want to start your clarinet journey, I have picked several platforms to have a smooth experience.

12 Ways To Learn The Clarinet Online Both Paid And Free

1.    YouTube Is Popular for Online Learning

When you are short of budget and need to learn the clarinet, YouTube comes to your rescue. One of my favorite YouTube channels to learn this fantastic woodwind instrument is Clarinet Mentors.

Michelle Anderson presents the lessons on the channel. The best part about this channel is it has lessons for all levels of learners. Even if you have taken a break from clarinet, you can still use this channel’s videos to refresh yourself.

There are many more channels like McGill Music Sax School, Middle C Music, and Play With A Pro Music Academy.

The downside with learning clarinet on YouTube is you are not monitored and motivated by an instructor. Due to no personalized support, this is not a great learning platform meant for everyone. However, if you need additional lessons or regular practice times, YouTube is your destination.

2.    Udemy Has Great Beginner Courses

Udemy is another excellent learning platform that contains clarinet courses for all budgets. Similar to YouTube, this is a self-paced platform, but you also have the chance to write to the course creator.

Here is a course from Udemy meant for beginners – Learn to Play Clarinet (Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours)

This course is quite promising. However, there are courses specific to learning technical aspects, mastering fundamental skills, and improving speed and ease.

Before you use this platform, you should do a few things.

  • Find the exact requirement.
  • Use a relevant search term. For instance, if you require learning fundamentals, type clarinet fundamentals.
  • Sort courses based on your preferences.
  • Set a schedule and begin learning.

YouTube and Udemy are fantastic platforms for disciplined, self-paced learners.

3.    Take 7 Music The Online App

Take 7 music is one amazing application. It is one of the best platforms to learn clarinet for free. There are lessons in the app for every woodwind instrument.

The advantage of learning using this app is that you will be able to listen to your performances. Further, you can also learn to play for movie backtracks and aid a movie song with the clarinet. The best way to use this app is to purchase a grade pack and practice all its lessons. As you complete a grade, you can progress to the next stage.

In addition to the free app, you can also schedule lessons or access the sheet music store for specific requirements.

4.    Try Clarinet Now’s Online Lessons

Are you looking for a free clarinet lesson online? Clarinet Now is equipped with numerous clarinet lessons. There is also a book on BumbleBee Loops sold on Amazon. This book also includes several technical classes to enhance your skill.

If you were to learn clarinet physically from an instructor, your lessons will begin with the basic handling of the instrument and move on to maintaining and playing the clarinet. What if there is a free solution online that replicates your physical classes? The beginner lessons include embouchure, air support, articulation, hand positions, sight-reading, and crossing the break.

As soon as you complete these lessons, you can select a category on the site and then begin playing songs. Sounds interesting, right?

5.    Play With A Pro

Are you a person who enjoys learning clarinet physically but running short of time? Play With A Pro is designed for people like you. The platform has hundreds of professional instruments worldwide with decades of experience.

Learning via this platform allows you to choose mentors who speak your language. There are teachers for all budgets. This feature can satisfy several aspiring clarinet learners.

An essential aspect of finding an instructor to learn the clarinet is that the instructor should have prior experience handling a person of your level. If the instructor is unaware or inexperienced, there could be issues with lessons affecting your learning curve.

Play With A Pro lists instructors based on skill and experience levels. If you are preparing a concert, you have an instructor!

6.    Fiverr

You can get a clarinet lesson for $5! Yes, you read that right! Fiverr is a platform that sells clarinet lessons packaged in different bundles at various prices. If you want a personalized lesson from a professional, you can still choose one.

Like YouTube and Udemy, Fiverr has several self-paced lessons. However, you can also schedule a live session based on your need. Some clarinet teachers offer classes on video chat. Isn’t that a cost-effective option?

The advantage of Fiverr is the cost and there are lots of tutors to choose from.

The disadvantage of Fiverr you need to find a reliable person to teach you. You may not know to start if they are reliable and need to go through a few possible people first.

7.    Sage Music

How about learning the clarinet online from an instructor that has personalized lessons for you? Sage Music offers online clarinet lessons for all levels. The most exciting aspect of Sage Music is its interactive community that cares for your growth.

Learning from this platform starts with a quiz where they understand the need and then suggest classes accordingly. The brand holds rich experience teaching lessons online and offline. The flagship course of Sage is undoubtedly the best, and the lesson system is well-structured and customized based on the goal.

It is quite peculiar to find an online solution to learn an instrument that overtakes physical lessons. How about practicing some songs together? Being a Sage learner lets you find friends, practice together, and perform at recitals!

8.    SuperProf If you want to Go Private

Are you looking for a private tutor to learn clarinet online? SuperProf is a dedicated platform with over 500 tutors to teach clarinet in your comfort. You can find professional teachers, freelancers, concert players, and students on the same platform.

There are three interesting aspects of this platform.

  • Most of the teachers on SuperProf offer the first lesson for free.
  • You can sort teachers based on their experiences teaching online.
  • You can customize your lesson and schedule classes at your convenience.

The disadvantage with this type of platform is that you need to schedule lessons each time. It can be an exhaustive task.

9.    Your Space Music Lessons or Instructors

Learning the clarinet online from a reliable, experienced instructor can boost your experiences! Your Space Music Lessons is an online portal listing professional tutors for various instruments. You can meet your instructor on Zoom or Skype. The platform offers a free 20-minute lesson to determine if online learning is for you.

You can begin learning with their introductory packages and then progress at your convenience. Your Space Music Lessons tutors are familiar with teaching at all levels and give you a complete guide on equipment, practice approaches, and technology.

If your kid is starting with the clarinet, you should book a trial session with them today.

10.  Clarinet Mastery Video Lessons

How about free online clarinet lessons to master the instrument? Clarinet Mastery contains free video lessons to improve a specific aspect of your play. Some players might struggle to play clarinet on high notes, articulation, or finger movements. This platform is ideal for those players.

In addition to prerecorded video lessons, live clarinet training is conducted twice a month. The founder, Michelle Anderson, holds 35 years of experience and plays in several bands. She also has a YouTube channel that offers free lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners.

Remember to stay committed to the lessons, and you can master the clarinet faster than you ever imagined!

11.  Learn To Play Clarinet From Pro player Ricardo Morales at Artist Works

Artist Works is a well-crafted platform where professional clarinet player, Ricardo Morales, teaches students online. Playing at the Philadelphia Orchestra, Ricardo brings industry experience to help students progress to advanced levels.

While it is a paid course, it is a worthy investment considering the knowledge and value it can offer you. This course is ideal for learners in the intermediate and advanced stages. You can learn tricks, tips, and techniques to master the clarinet.

Two things about this platform captured my attention.

  • The annual plan costs way too low than other online coaching platforms.
  • The tutor also conducts theory workshops, orchestral excerpts, and challenges to help you master the instrument.

Although this is a self-paced course, you can still send videos to the teacher to improve your performance.

12. Learn to Play Music

You can buy either an ebook or a printed book. The book comes with lots of online support, audio lessons, and videos that you can use to help you progress.

It has step-by-step beginner clarinet lessons that are easy to follow. These are written by a professional clarinet teacher

Easy to follow diagrams

They have 81 sounds for the clarinet in exercise form.

Can You Learn To Play The Clarinet By Yourself?

Learning clarinet by self needs discipline, motivation, planning, and determination. If you have access to the right resources and own the perfect clarinet, your clarinet journey will skyrocket to greater levels.

Although the clarinet is a versatile, beginner-friendly instrument, you need to practice regularly and grasp technicalities. Sometimes, an instructor’s touch and experience can fasten your learning. So, if you prefer learning online temporarily or as a supporting aid, you have made the best decision.


Learning clarinet online is extremely easy, owing to numerous platforms like YouTube, Udemy, Fiverr, and tutoring sites. Choosing a platform is based on your learning level. If you are a beginner, you need to go with one-to-one coaching to master fundamentals. However, self-paced lessons are ideal for learners at intermediate and advanced levels.

Find your level, set a budget, and choose the platform for you!

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