Which Clarinet Cases Are Best To Protect Your Clarinet From Damage in 2022?

When you have a clarinet you need a clarinet case because you need to protect it from damage. It may be from weather, knocks, bumps or household dust, or pet fur.

The best overall clarinet case to protect your clarinet from damage is the Protec PB307 Slimline Clarinet Pro Pac Case. The best student budget clarinet case is the Paititi Lightweight Bb Clarinet Case, and the highest protection case in this list is the Protec Bb clarinet carry-All PRO PAC case.

I’ve chosen and reviewed 3 clarinet cases that are the best clarinet cases from different price brackets to protect your clarinet if you are worried about damaging it. I’ve taken into account, different aspects including durability, weather resistance, workmanship, weight, cost, etc. See below for a full re full review.

My sister’s very good old case

Which Clarinet Cases Are Best To Protect Your Clarinet From Damage in 2022?

Make sure your chosen case will fit your clarinet before you buy. As clarinet cases closely fit your clarinet to protect them if you have a nonstandard to thicker bore clarinet you may find the case doesn’t quite fit your clarinet.

For me when buying a musical instrument case or bag there are certain things that are vital to that bag/case’s performance. These include snugness of fit, quality of the case or bag materials and how it’s made, waterproof or rainproof, and how much it reduces damage from knocking and bumping your instrument about. Price is also important as is not buying something that is overkill for the instrument you have.

If my instrument cost me $250 I would not be looking to pay that for a case. If it were $2k then that might be a different story. Likewise, if I don’t take the instrument anywhere then it only needs general house protection. Everyone’s needs are different.

If these case suggestions aren’t a good fit for you take the information below & advice and apply it to check out other cases. A case has not only to be a good fit for your clarinet but for you as well!

1. Best Overall Clarinet Case Protec PB307 Slimline Clarinet Pro Pac Case

USA link to Amazon. This would be the case I would buy if looking for a new clarinet case because it has everything I’d want to protect my instrument well in all conditions thus saving me the stress of worrying about breaking or damaging it and the expense of buying a new one!

PB307 Slimline Clarinet Pro Pac Case Weight

At only Weight: of 2.59 lbs; (1.17 kg) it’s very lightweight which is important if you’re carrying it around especially if you have other bags or equipment to carry as well which is likely the case. While weight is important it must not come at the cost of strength and durability.

The durability of This Case

They say the case is a “Weather-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon exterior.” (source). Which meant absolutely nothing to me whatsoever! So I looked it up. It says 1680 ballistic nylon is tough nylon that is a basket weave. It is very durable and was used by the military for anti-fragment repelling and is also great for anti-abrasion and tears. (Souce) Impressive.

Although it says pro; this would be perfect for students that might not be so careful with their instruments.

Tough material is great but no good without good workmanship. They say that the stitching and the metal are high quality. The zips are custom-molded for longer-lasting use

Is it Water/Rainproof?

This bag is weather resistant. So not waterproof but should keep out some weather. I might be inclined to get a cover for it if I tohoguthI’d be out in the rain a lot, but as this is a clarinet case and not a backpack that should be enough.

Straps Info

The straps are well padded which is important to save shoulder pain. They can also be used as a backpack which is a great idea and giver more versatility to the case.

What Colors Does It Come in

It comes in black, blue, and teal. Sadly the purple has been discontinued. this can make your case more personal to you.

Accessory Pockets

Accessory pockets are vital as you will want to carry cleaning kits and music sheets or books around and it is easier to keep it all together.

Protec does seem to live up to its name. They create and design well-thought-out cases that will protect your instrument well.


  • It fits most Bb clarinet models
  • Very well made
  • Great design
  • Durable very sturdy material
  • Can backpack it
  • Waterproof


  • It is very popular and can be out of stock quickly.
  • The outlay is much greater than in some cases but in my view worth it.
  • They no longer do purple (gutted!)

Case Dimensions

Overall exterior case dimensions: 10 (l) x 13.5 (w) x 4.5 (h)”; (2.54cm x 34.29cm x 11.43cm).
The front pocket interior dimensions: 8.75 (l) x 12 (w) x 1.5 (h)”; (22.23cm x 30.48cm x 3.81cm).

Case weight and dimensions source.

Overall Impression

This is a well-made, popular clarinet case that will protect your clarinet from bumps and damage and save you money from having to buy a new clarinet if damaged. I’m really impressed with this case. It would be the one I’d get if I were an intermediate student, pro, or likely to damage the clarinet in any way. Who am I kidding, this would just be the one I’d get.

Important Note

If you have only one clarinet by buying this case you save money as it fits one clarinet. If you buy the Protec PB307D Double Clarinet Pro Pac Case it is nearly double the cost and isn’t worth it unless you have 2 clarinets.

Note: that I may be an affiliate for some of these Amazon links below

2. Best Budget Students Clarinet Case To Protect Your Clarinet

If you are a student and have a student clarinet you might not want to pay out for the higher range cases until you upgrade your clarinet. However, you still need all the protection of your clarinet that a pro does although it is not as likely that you will be traveling as much. The Paititi Lightweight Bb clarinet case is an ideal choice.

USA link to Amazon

On one hand, more expensive than I’d pay for a student bag on the other the extra protection could save a lot of stress, damaged clarinets, and arguments.

Still sturdy. I wouldn’t go below this price bracket if I were looking for good protection for my instrument anything less and you are seriously reducing its protection and increasing the likely hood of your clarinet’s damage.

Weight Of This Case

This overall weight is 1.85 lb (0.84kg)


This case fits most standard Bb clarinets. Some clarinet shapes may not fit as well. This would be a concern for me as the clarinet has so many keys and delicate parts to it that can be easily broken.


Good quality and quite durable for its price bracket.

Is It Water/Rainproof?

It has a waterproof exterior.

Straps Information

The manufacturer says that this case can be used as a backpack which is a very useful feature, especially for students. However, while some people do use it as this others have found the straps too short.

If you want to use it as a shoulder strap you need to connect the two backpacking straps together.

Available Colors & Design

This case comes in 2 different colors and 3 different designs. There’s the blue shown here, plus a black one with a red stripe and a black one with a buckle.

Accessory Pockets

It has accessory pockets however due to the size of the pockets they may fit small music books but not larger music sheets.

Quick Guide


  • It can be made as a backpack
  • It fits most standard clarinets
  • It has 3 great designs
  • It has accessory pockets
  • It is waterproof
  • It is durable


  • People have noted that the backpack straps are short which either means they got the wrong case or the case is for children, or just the straps are short.
  • Not all clarinets fit snugly. I would want to check if my clarinet fitted OK.
  • When something says waterproof I’d want to know just how waterproof it really is.


Its dimensions are approx 24 x 12 x 7 inches (or 61 x 30.5 x 17.8 cm)

Overall Impression

A good case for the money invested in it. Yes, it’s smaller which has some drawbacks but it does the job at a great price. I love that it’s a backpack, as well as this, which makes it a popular choice for students. The different designs are a good idea.

3. Why This Clarinet Case Is The Best Choice If You Are Afraid You Will Break Your Clarinet

This is the Protec Bb Clarinet Carry-All PRO PAC Case (link to USA Amazon) with Interior Sheet Music Compartment and Accessory Compartments, Model PB307CA.

High Quality & Durability

This case is a very well-made ultra-durable hard-wearing high protection case which is why I included it as one to get. This is the best protection of the 3 cases reviewed, however, you are paying a bit more for that protection. Although, not as much as you’d expect.

This is why this one doesn’t get first place. If you are going for the best protection of your clarinet from the elements or dropping and not including the price in the equation then this is the one to get. The added protection however does mean you lose some aspects that the other cases have. Weight is one.

It is well-padded, with strong quality zips and firm stitching.

Its made from the same tough1680 ballistic nylon designed for the military to be very strong and abrasive resistant.

Inside it has a lovely nonabrasive velvoa lining to cushion and protect your clarinet.

Case Weight

This case weighs 6.1lbs (2.8kg) which is much heavier than the previous 2 examples. This is because it protects better and has more compartment space.

water rainproof

This is the weather-resistant 1680 ballistic nylon material as the Protec PB307 Slimline Clarinet above.

Hardshell or Softshell

This case is wooden and covered with material, hence the added weight and extra strength.

Available Straps

It has a very thick padded adjustable shoulder strap and a padded hand carry strap. It has a grip surface. It’s a good idea to have the padded hand strap as with the added weight a non-padded one can cut into your hands.

Strap weight: 0.4lbs (0.18kg)

It can be turned into a backpack and the backpack strap is optional.

Colors Available

This case comes in black.

Accessory Pockets

One of the main issues people have with the smaller cases is that they don’t have enough space for accessories, in particular sheet music. This case has not one but 2 compartments and one is especially for full-sized sheet music.


  • It fits most Bb clarinet models
  • High-quality material and make
  • High protection
  • Fits full-size sheet music
  • Can backpack it (straps extra)
  • Plenty of accessory space


  • Much heavier than the other 2 models
  • Very large (although this can also be a pro depending on what you want from your case)
  • Higher-end price bracket

Case Dimensions

Measurements: Interior sheet music compartment: 14.25 x 9.5 x .5″ or (36.20 x 24.13 x 12.7cm)
Dmensions for the Interior front storage compartment: 14.5 x 1.75 x 2.75″
Dimensions for the Interior side storage compartment: 8.0 x 1.25 x 2.75″ (
The dimensions for the front pocket interior: 12.5 x 9.0 x 1.75″ or (31.115 x 22.86 x 4.445cm)

Weights and demensions source (source)


This case is fantastic it covers pretty much everything you’d want from a clarinet case in quality, comfort, durability, and design features. The only downside for me would be the weight and the price. You defiantly get your money’s worth with this case so it is worth it if you have a mid-range to higher-end clarinet or want some heavy-duty protection for your clarinet.

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